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About Water Resources Development Amravati

Water Resources Development Amravati was founded in 1982 to remove the water backlog of Amravati region. Mr. A. K. Shenolikar was the first Chief Engineer.

Amravati (Marathi: अमरावती) is a city in the state of Maharashtra, India and the seventh most populous metropolitan area in Maharashtra. It is also the administrative headquarters of the Amravati district. Among the historical landmarks in the city are the temples of Amba, Shri Krishna, and Shri Venkateshwara.

Amravati is also the headquarters of the "Amravati Division" which is one of the six divisions of the state of Maharashtra (Amravati and Nagpur divisions together form Vidarbha region). Apart from Amravati district itself, following four districts also come under Amravati Division:
1. Akola, 2. Yavatmal, 3. Buldhana and 4. Washim.

Geographical area of Amravati region is 46.09 lac hectares. Cultivable land is 33.16 lac hectares and irrigation capacity of 13.8 million Hektares is possible. Water Resources Development Amravati is working continuously for achiving irrigation goals.

Water Resources Development Amravati comes under VIDC Nagpur and manages following big and small projects.

Major Projects:

1. Urdhwa Wardha Project, District Amravati

2. Arunawati Project, District Yavatmal

3. Bembala Project, District Yavatmal

4. Nimna Painganga Project, District Yavatmal

5. Wan Project, District Buldhana

6. Pentakali Project, District Buldhana

7. Khadakpurna Project, District Buldhana

8. Jigaon Project, District Yavatmal


Medium Projects:

1. Chandrabhaga Project, District Amravati

2. Purna Project, District Amravati

3. Sapan Project, District Amravati

4. Wasani Project, District Amravati

5. Pandhari Project, District Amravati

6. Garga Project, District Amravati

7. Katepurna Barrage, District Akola

8. Nawargaon Project, District Yavatmal

9. Maan Project, District Buldhana

10. Torana Project, District Buldhana

11. Utawali Project, District Buldhana

12. Adan Project, District Washim


Small Projects:

1. Projects in Amravati District: 22

2. Projects in Yavatmal District: 11

3. Projects in Akola District: 5

4. Projects in Washim District: 9

5. Projects in Buldhana District: 13